Development Guide

We welcome your PRs and feature enhancements.

You'll want to create a fork of the ConsoleMe repository, and follow the Local Quick Start guide using your fork.

We recommend using an IDE such as PyCharm or VS Code to get ConsoleMe running in a debug state.

Below is a very basic configuration of ConsoleMe in PyCharm. You'll need to set up the virtual environment configuration yourself.

After your virtual environment is installed, you'll want to install pre-commit. ConsoleMe uses pre-commit to enforce code linting and to run our unit tests on commit.

pre-commit install

Pre-commit will automatically run across changed files when you run a git commit. You can also force it to run across all files with:

pre-commit run -a

When creating a PR, we highly recommend that you select Allow Edits from Maintainers on your PR for better collaboration.

After your fork is configured, set Netflix's ConsoleMe as an upstream, create a new commit, write your code, and push it to a branch on your fork.

git remote add upstream
git checkout -b your_cool_feature
# Hack hack hack
# git add / git commit your changes
git push -u origin your_cool_feature

In the GitHub URL for your branch ( i.e.: ), you should have the option to submit a pull request.

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