Incident Participant

What to expect as an incident participant.


Dispatch attempts to make reporting incidents as easy as possible. To that end Dispatch provides a dedicated incident report form that users throughout the organization can submit to engage incident related resources.

Located at: https://<your-dispatch-domain>/incidents/report

Once submitted the user is then presented with all of the incident resources they need to start managing the incident.


After an incident is created Dispatch will start to automatically pull new participants into the incident. Who it pulls is in is determined on rules that have been setup in the Dispatch Admin UI.

Each new participant receives a welcome message (Email + Slack) providing them resources and information to help orient them for this given incident.

Incident welcome email
Incident welcome slack (ephemeral)

From there use the resources as you normally would to run your investigation, Dispatch will be there managing permissions, providing reminders and helping track the incident as it progresses to resolution.


After an incident has been marked stable Dispatch is still there to help creating the resources necessary to run Post Incident Reviews (PIRs) and help track any associated action items.


In addition to Dispatch pulling in individuals that will be directly responsible for managing the incident, it provides notifications for general awareness throughout the organization.

The incident notification message includes a "Join Incident" button, this allows individuals to add themselves to the incident (and it's resources) without involvement from the incident commander.